Pre-Marital Health Checks before saying -I Do!

Pre-Marital Health Checks before saying -I Do!

Joy of finding true love is eternal and when two beautiful people decide to tie the golden knot for life time it unites them forever. Most people get married without adequate knowledge and information about their partner’s health, sometimes due to sheer ignorance or sometimes because they shy away from asking to go for a premarital health checkup.

In India, most of the marriages are fixed by matching horoscopes but talking about physical, mental or sexual health of soon to be couple is conveniently avoided. Post marriage many couples come across various health issues, which could have been identified and tackled before the prenuptial. Sighting this fact, it becomes very important to have a discussion over medical history of the couple and their families. This does not imply the denial of marriage possibility but it helps in planning future married life of the couple in a better way. It educates them to take proper medical help to avoid unnecessary stress after the marriage. Gathering information about family hereditary factors, lifestyle, age, along with premarital health packages would ensure a happy and healthy life together.

Pre-Martial Health Checklist

To a large extent the below listed Premarital health checklist covers comprehensive information about health quotient of the couple.

Physical checkups: General physical examination of groom by qualified physician and visit to gynecologist of the bride should be planned before marriage. Some ideal checkups which should be done are BP, ENT, CBC test, Psychiatric counseling just to ensure readiness for the big day.

Pathological tests: Some pathological tests which should be assessed before marriage are;

  • Complete Hemogram: This test helps in checking blood type and blood related anomalies of both bride and groom. Test for Blood Rh factor is required to check Rh factor mismatch, which could affect the fetus during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin and Iron deficiency tests
  • Thyroid (TSH) screening, Diabetes tests (HbA1C, blood glucose level test)
  • STD diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV, HCV are required to be screened before marriage.
  • Fertility tests like, seminal analysis for groom, ovulation test for bride, hormonal assay of both and ultrasound scan internal organ examination of the groom help in addressing fertility issues at early stage and couple would be able to manage biological, psychological, social and emotional trauma associated with progeny.

Genetic tests: Knowledge about genetic or hereditary disorders can help the couple to plan and prepare for the future health challenges in better manner. Some physiological disorders which are genetically carried should be detected for screening hyper tension, Diabetes, Sickle cell, Thalassemia, Down syndrome, Haemophilia etc. Lastly, Information about medical history of the bride and groom and their family background is also important to be discussed.