Test It before Take off

Test It before Take off

Test it before Take off


In 21st century we are moving towards being Global Citizens. Traveling abroad for job assignments, higher education or even for leisure requires some health preparation. Many of us are unaware about the complex process/procedure involved when people travel from one country to another. Alongside several legal formalities they also have to go through medical examinations before moving in to certain country. Legal formalities and medical tests vary from country to country.

The purpose of medical exam is to determine any health conditions that need attention prior to immigration and to restrict infectious diseases from spreading into migrating countries. Based on the medical test results the person would get visa for immigration. if the person fails to qualify medical fitness requirements for Visa then he/she has to go for treatment plan before reapplying for immigration.

Immigration tests are specially focused on seasonal diseases of different countries, various communicable diseases and other important tests like HIV/AIDs, Chest X-Ray, Hepatitis B, VDRL, THC cannabinoids, Malaria parasite, skin test and chest Tuberculosis etc. In certain countries additional health examinations can also be required for public health and safety issues. For example- warnings were being issued by many countries to prevent the spread of Polio or Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) infection.

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·       Immigration   Malarial Parasite Smear Examination

·       Immigration   Hepatitis B Virus (HbsAg)

·       Immigration   VDRL / RPR

·       Immigration HIV 1 / 2

·       Immigration   Chest X Ray

·       Immigration   Urine Routine Examination

·       Immigration screening test for Amphetamines in urine

·       Immigration screening Test for Morphine

·       Immigration screening test For THC Cannabinoids



Person travelling abroad has to sign a declaration of his good health. Those who fail to sign must provide details of their health problems. Individuals diagnosed with HIV positive are denied for entry in many of the countries.  After completing the medical examinations, the Panel Physician or the Civil Surgeon certifies the results on the appropriate forms and place them in a sealed envelope which cannot be opened before presenting it. Immigration medical exams are given by licensed and experienced doctors, who qualify as civil surgeons or panel physicians. Our NABL certified lab partners, who offer Immigration tests, have these civil surgeons/panel physicians on board.

Health Immigration requirements of places mostly travelled by Indians:

·       UK- Only certificates issued by the IOM clinic are accepted. Tests for Pulmonary TB is done initially by chest X-ray and those found to have infectious TB are referred for treatment and are not allowed for a VISA until they are certified to be free from TB.

·       USA- The individual should take all the vaccines recommended by ACIP, which can protect against diseases that has a potential to cause an outbreak. Vaccinations of Mumps, Measles Rubella, Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria toxoids, Pertussis, Influenza type B and Hepatitis B should be cleared before entering US.  

·       Canada - Mandatory HIV test

·       Australia- Travellers with HIV will be denied entry. Travellers who are unable to sign a declaration of good health must provide details of the health problems they are facing. A medical with chest X–ray and blood test is required for them who will be staying for more than one year.

·       Singapore- HIV test is mandatory

·       Thailand- People with communicable diseases are not permitted to enter and HIV test is mandatory.

·       China – HIV test certificate is mandatory from the Chinese embassy or consulate or else the individual has to undergo a test in China within 20 days of arrival.


The mentioned tests are broadly considered to be important to know before planning to travel in these countries. More specific details can be gathered during immigration test procedure. Please do connect with us at info@medidaili.com for a smoother take off!


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