FYI-Dengue outbreak in the city!

FYI-Dengue outbreak in the city!

FYI- Dengue outbreak in the city! 

Everyone wait for monsoon to get relief from hot summer. Rainy season brings cool breeze, blooming flowers and pleasant weather. What it also brings are the communicable diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid, and Dengue etc. along with these seasonal changes.

Dengue fever/ Dandy fever/Seven day fever/Breakbone fever is rapidly spreading in India. Bangalore is one such city in which now (in monsoon 2016) going through Dengue outbreak. Studies suggest that the dengue incidents are increasing by 25% from previous year and every alternate year the severity of Dengue fever is getting worst. Not just in India, but Dengue is becoming a Global Health problem.

Know about Dengue

Dengue fever symptoms are very similar to malaria and this viral fever is also carried by mosquitoes, so chances of wrong diagnosis and treatment makes it very important to know about Dengue, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. To take on timely measures for preventing Dengue fever, we need to better understand this disease and take a preventive action.

Dengue is not just caused by a virus, but there are four types of dengue viruses which are spread through female mosquitoes. That is why it is possible to get infected more than once by other type of dengue virus. To rule out possibility of Dengue fever, we recommend diagnosing all the four types of dengue virus in the blood sample.

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Since the incubation period of dengue virus is 5-8 days, so we suggest to get yourself tested for dengue fever after seven days of illness. Patient should opt for dengue tests if they continuously experience high fever, rashes, muscle and joint pain, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, low BP for 5-8 days.

In some cases the blood platelet count drops rapidly and blood plasma leakage also occur and it can be life threatening. Such condition requires immediate hospitalisation of the patient, IV fluid hydration, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, blood pressure support and other intensive care measures may be needed for these patients. Consultation with Critical care specialists is advised for optimal patient care.

People with weak immune system are more susceptible to dengue fever. Lack of electrolytes (Sodium, potassium, calcium carbonate) in blood weakens the immunity of the body and chances of getting these communicable diseases increase.

We also recommend you to test Electrolyte levels in blood sample on one’s in three months.

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Early detection, diagnosis and medication can help in proper and timely treatment and cure of Dengue fever.

Dengue Symptoms

Preliminary - Sudden onset fever, Headache, Mouth and nose bleeding, Muscle and joint pain, Vomiting, Rashes, Diarrhoea

Critical – Hypotension, Ascites, Gastrointestinal bleeding, Pleural effusion, Altered level of consciousness, Seizures, Itching, Slow heart rate

It is important to know that, the patient will likely to feel very weak during the first one or two weeks of the illness, but timely diagnosis and treatment can help in complete recovery for the majority of patients.

Precaution to keep Dengue at the bay

·       Wear socks, shoes, sleeves and pants covering your arms and legs when you go outdoors.

·       Use mosquito repellent creams or spay (containing at least 10% concentration of DEET) at home and out-side.

·       Stay indoors for sometimes - after sunrise, before sunset and early evening.

·       Clean your house and surroundings regularly so that mosquitoes don’t find any place for breeding. Empty dirty water from trash cans, unused bottles, flower pots, old tires etc.

·       Use mosquito-net whenever you sleep-during day or night.

·       If you have symptoms of dengue, talk immediately with your doctor.

  • If you have a Dengue patient in family, take extra precautions as mosquito biting the Dengue patient carry the virus and infect other members and spread the infection.
  • Consult physician to take prescribed medication. Take rest and drink plenty of water. If the condition of patient worsens within first 24 hours, immediate hospitalisation is suggested.  


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