'Me time'- A date with your own self

'Me time'- A date with your own self

 ‘Me time’- A date with your own self!


In today’s world, no one is left out from the fancy of social media connectivity it has become an integral part of our living. Though staying connected with each other is a positive thing, since it is necessary for a fulfilled life. At the same time, it has also started becoming an addiction to the people and many of us rarely spend quality time with ourselves.

Some people think of “spending time alone” is a sign of depression. This could even be taken as being anti-social, or unwanted. Actually being alone has its own merits, it can bring lot of positive outcomes once you learn to the embrace solitude. Spending more time with ourselves, without being surrounded by people or virtually surrounding ourselves via social networking platforms, we can find solace in the company that matters most: the relationship we have with ourselves.

In solitude we can focus on our inner strength and understand what we really need. The self-observation or meditation whatever we term it, can guide us through life. Spending ‘me time’ at least for 30 min in a day, can bring in focus, positivity, happiness and success in your life.

·       Enjoy the activities/hobbies you love

In your ‘Me time’ you can involve in activities/hobbies that you really enjoy with no pressure as to how well you perform them or how accomplished you will be by doing them. The joy is in doing, in experiencing and in expressing yourself.

·       It will help you to recuperate


All of us need time to recuperate and recharge ourselves. The peace and mental solitude you will experience when you’re by yourself, is essential to recover from the stress of daily routine.


·       Spending ‘me time’ will help you to boost your self-esteem


Learning to enjoy alone time, boosts your self-esteem. Enjoying your own company is a huge confidence booster.


·       Helps to explore your abilities and interests


Your creativity flourishes when you don’t get distracted from outside forces. You can do many activities that you feel like doing other than routine jobs - paint your house or paint a picture, write something, design something or invent something etc etc….. Spending some ‘Me time’ allows your imaginations flow to explore new ideas. It could be most rewarding as you might come up with something that may change your life.


·       ‘Me time’ helps to improve concentration and increase productivity


When you remove as many distractions and interruptions as you can from your routine, you would be able to concentrate better, which will help you get more work done in a shorter duration of time.


·       Get a better understanding or yourself


Do you truly know yourself?, most people do not! While spending more time alone may not bring you the complete answer to this question, but it will certainly give you a much better understanding of how you truly feel about certain things which are going on in your life. This will help you sort out lot of confusion and mess from your life.


·       It helps you in increasing your Emotional intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others. It is your ability to use this awareness to manage your behaviour and relationships. Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, and you can’t increase your EQ without it. Since self-awareness requires understanding your own emotions and how you react to various people and situations, this necessitates careful self-reflection, and self-reflection happens best when you’re alone.

Well, sometimes despite of knowing the benefits of spending ‘Me time’ or alone time, people find it difficult to find time alone. Here are few suggestions to help you find solitude in your life.


·       Get up early in the morning

Wake up a half hour earlier than your normal routine and use that time to meditate or perform any activity that makes you feel happy. Make sure that you sleep early as well otherwise getting up early will make your day tiring.

·       Use your breakfast/lunch/dinner time

Once a week or even just a couple of times a month, commit to spending lunch with yourself. Walk. Sit in the sun outside. Go to a park and eat. Enjoy the time you have alone.

·       Go on a short trip to an off track place

You can also schedule your solitude by taking a short trip to a place with few tourists. Sit by a river side or take a trek to mountains. When you are on your own during such kind of trips, you will definitely hear to your inner self.

The best recommendation that we have for you is to go on a date with yourself. You should spend at least 30-60 minutes a day with yourself this can be a part of your spiritual practice. You can do meditation or just spend some quiet time with yourself. If it is not possible everyday then at least you take out few hours, once a week, for refreshment of yourself.

So what are you waiting for…..Take the opportunity from this week to spend some alone time. Stay healthy in true sense.